Defeating Late Japanese Armor - Tosei Gusoku (当世具足)

Defeating Late Japanese Armor - Tosei Gusoku (当世具足)

A section of the famous ukiyo - e "ten brave takeda warriors" -武田勇士揃 by Utagawa Sadahide.

This was an article that was requested and one that I've really enjoyed writing, although it took a lot of efforts and researches.
It is a follow up of my complete analysis of the heaviest possible configuration worn by a wealthy samurai during the late 16th century, Tosei Gusoku (当世具足) - Body Coverage Explained; if you haven't read it yet, I highly suggest you to do so in order to better understand this topic.

So today I will cover the various way to specifically deal with that type of configuration and how it was done historically during the Sengoku period.
Before start, I will do a quick recap on the main weakspots of the armor:

A sketch of the most protective possible configuration of a late 16th century tosei gusoku. I'm not an artist but all the armor pieces you see are based on real pieces found in museum, private collecti…